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Battery cap: Animas® Vibe®, OneTouch Ping®, and Animas® 2020 and Animas® IR 1200 series pumps ID 100-158-01
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It is recommended that you change the battery cap/vent every six months. If you work in a dusty environment such as a construction site, mill, cement factory, etc., or if you are a frequent swimmer, you should change your battery cap every 3 months or whenever the o-ring or cap is damaged or the vent is clogged.

Read carefully the Owner’s Booklet that came with your insulin pump before changing the battery cap.


  • One battery cap for each of the Animas® Vibe® and OneTouch Ping® Insulin Pumps and Animas® 2020 and Animas® IR 1200 series insulin pumps